Erdpurt Regular Seeds

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Erdpurt is originated from an exemplary Afghani line in northern Europe.

Erdpurt has been delivered from a great Afghani line in northern Europe with choice firmly centered around general quality, speed of blooming and versatility to open air development in the regularly moderately cruel climate conditions at such scopes straight up to 55º north or south. Best outcomes are gotten when developed outside in spite of the fact that it can do well inside where it needs 20 hours of light in the vegetative stage. It matures even in stormy conditions and it can likewise withstand a few days of back to back ices.

This 100% indica strain has a beautiful appearance with purples, reds and blues arriving at the fore towards the finish of the blooming time frame, particularly in colder conditions. Its structure is exemplary Afghani indica developing in a columnar shape with minimal side-stretching. It has enormous, dull green leaves in vegetative development and truly fat, solid stems. Its scent is of crisp dish espresso with strawberry\blackberry pie smoke aromas and a solid natural, hashy and hearty foundation. The flavor is reminiscent of the wonderful Yarkhun Pakistani hashish. Its impact is solid, run of the mill Afghan, and gives a capable, durable, unwinding impact that can be useful for medicinal clients.